Friday, April 24, 2015

Dear California Navel Orange,

Why did we have to travel so far to meet?

I saw you at the supermarket
And knew you were the one
Different continent
Same love 

Your sticker says it all
We are one of the same
Products of the USA
Keen to get away

Capital of drama
Always in the news
Let's pretend we're not American
Hollywood, go away

You know how I feel
About Australian Produce
I wish they all
Could be California orange juice

So now we're here
10,000 miles from home
Yet suddenly
It's near

As close to us now
As you are to me
Yesterday a place
Today a feeling

I can't help but smile
To think it was you all along
Peel in trash
Pulp in me

I ponder again
Calling out in desperation
Attempting to ask you
Instead asking myself:

Why did we have to travel so far to meet?

It doesn't matter anymore

Like the passing of now
You're gone before it's even realized
We are all gone

Lovers can die too

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